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Organic: No
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The Ginger Pig
8 -10 Moxon Street
Central London
phone  0207 9357788
website www.thegingerpig.co.uk
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product picture The Ginger pig sell from the shop in Moxon Street and a regular stall in Borough Market. Depending on what time you arrive they offer a wide variety ranging from a 400g Cotechino (Italian boiling sausage) to a delicate Pork & Apricot. They are strong on continental type sausages and tend to make complex, assertive sausages which you either love or hate.

The sausages are made from meat reared on the family farm in North Yorkshire and they are the favourite sausages of writter Fiona Beckett, author of the excellent book Sausages and Mash.

We love them and have included them in our top 10 - let us know what you think!

Customer reviews

They are awesome!! We popped into the market a week ago for fun - and took some to a bbq we were going to that night. They were so good I had to make a trip across London this week to get more for another bbq we were throwing!! Best eaten slow cooked to really bring out the taste - fantastic!!
Clare, London

Try the pork and leek - just delicious for bangers and mash. Best sausages I''ve cooked with.
HAB, London

Great sausages it''s true, but ruined by appalling attitude to customers. Sorry to say I suspect that they have a better attitude towards livestock than humans. A great pity.
MH, London

Fast becoming my favourite butchers shop. I have always been delighted with their meats and with their service - they have gone out of their way to be helpful.
HC, Gerrards Cross, Bucks.

The sausages are fantastic. Couldn''t choose a favourite, they are all so good. Try the Prune and Brandy, the classic Italian and the Bodin Blanc. Not only at the Borough market either, they now have a shop just off Marylebone High St (on Moxon Street). Getting 5 dozen for a BBQ next week ... My mouth is watering at the thought!
SD, London

"but ruined by appalling attitude to customers" - agreed. I don''t care how nice your food is. If you''re basically rude (which you were, to me) then I''m going somewhere else.
SB, London

Bought various things from TGP in Borough market last Friday. No doubting the quality but staggered by the cost. Service not offensive but a little slapdash perhaps!
SH, London

I visit TGP at least 6 times a month. I was in there on Wednesday 15th with my daughter, I bought a small rack of lamb for 15. When we were walking away my 21 year old daughter said "I was not so surprised at the price more the attitude, he didn''t even offer to chop the bone!"

I then had a half hour chat with my daughter about attitude. Anyway was it good? Actually not very. However I have had some very super meat and pies etc from them. Top of the bill for me, (at the time of buying) was the quiche I bought a few weeks back, superb!, and I am not all that keen on the things. Then again, I didn''t need service for the quiche. Perhaps I caught them on one of their off days. I`m not sure.
JR, London Marylebone

I can''t understand anyone saying they had bad customer service - we buy from the Moxon Street shop and the staff are always very informative and friendly. Their sausages are amazingly good - bah humbug to their knockers !!!
SMB, London

I would just like to say to the people that moaned about the service and the prices that you really are talking rubbish.
I have shopped at Moxon Street for the last 2 years and as well as the service being really helpful and them being proper skilled butchers they are extremely competitive on price with the supermarkets but with a far superior product.
Please make a visit and see for your self and help support a great British producer with his heart in the right place.

Sausagelinks - that's why its on our Top 10!
JH, Marylebone

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31/03/2005 Home made sausages

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