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Barbeque Man

After 9 months of well earned hibernation barbecue man emerges in late May. Soon the acrid smell of white spirit and burnt meat wafts over our summer gardens. Barbecue man never cooks inside the house, leaves most of the preparation (and clearing up) to his long suffering partner but outside, tongs in one hand, beer in the other...reigns supreme. Caveman walks again, speciality meat - any meat - burnt black on the outside, pink on the inside!

For more on bbq man and his rites of passage have a look at Tong Master.

It needn't be that way, barbecues are great social occasions and food (usually) tastes better outdoors. As with most of the better things in life, sausages are an integral part of a good bbq - being eaten at a respectful 71% of all bbqs.

Sausages on a barbecue

Barbecue sausages

Sausages are perfect for bbqs, easy to cook, succulent and portable. As with other outdoor food, simple, gutsy flavours work best - meaty plain pork, Boerwors, Cumberland, fresh Chorizo, Italian, Merguez and Toulouse are best.

A good tip is to poach sausages first in water and then brown them over the bbq. That way you guarantee that they are cooked and still get the barbecue flavours.

Use coiled sausages such as Cumberland, Boerwors and some Italian sausages, skewer them with wooden skewers (soak these first in water for at least 30 minutes), and then cook in one piece.

Make sausage kebabs using chunks of different sausages.

Mix runny honey and grain mustard together and use to glaze sausages.

Sausages on a barbecue

Barbecue know how

One thing barbecue man is right about is meat. Despite the efforts of food writers searching for topical recipes, most bbqs are about simple, plain food. All you need is good meat, lots of sausages (of course), bread, salad and beer!

Marinades and rubs

Combine and add to meat for as long as possible

Sesame & Soy - chicken and pork

Garlic & herb - chicken

Moroccan rub - chicken, lamb and pork

Tuscan - chicken or beef

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