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Sausage News Archive

On this page you can find an archive of all items that have appeared in the 'Latest News' and 'new Products' sections.

31/03/2008 Delia's How To Cheat - Forum 'Debates' (General)
31/03/2008 Delia Smith - How To Cheat (General)
26/02/2008 Supermarket Sausages (General)
07/02/2008 Chinese New Year 2008 & Chinese Sausages (General)
23/01/2008 Burns Night 2008 (General)
03/12/2007 Christmas 2007 Shopping list (General)
03/12/2007 2007 Great Yorkshire Pork Pie, Sausage & Products Competition (General)
26/09/2007 Food Events (General)
17/09/2007 Simply Sausages (General)
17/09/2007 Marks & Spencer Pork, Pancetta & Parmesan Sausages (General)
17/09/2007 Pig in a Day DVD (General)
01/08/2007 Pies (and my food story!) (General)
06/07/2007 Scottish Sausage a Sensation in United States (General)
25/06/2007 2007 Scottish Pork Sausage Champion (General)
25/06/2007 Q Guild 2007 Barbecue Championship (General)
30/05/2007 Super Meat Awards 2007 (General)
30/04/2007 The Hampshire Supreme Sausage Champion 2007 (General)
30/04/2007 Back and better than ever! (General)
16/03/2007 Beer sausages from Debbie & Andrew's (General)
05/03/2007 Kill it, Cook it, Eat it BBC Three (General)
05/03/2007 Look What We Found (General)
05/02/2007 The Porkinson Sausage (General)
29/01/2007 Booths Supermarkets (General)
29/01/2007 West Midlands Tastiest Sausages 2007 (General)
07/01/2007 Haggis - all you ever wanted to know (General)
07/01/2007 Haggis buying guide (General)
28/11/2006 Mutton Sausages (New Products)
26/11/2006 Dragon Sausages anyone? (General)
26/11/2006 Otley 2 Ilkley 0 (Yorkshire Sausage and product competition) (General)
09/11/2006 Sausage Crisps (General)
30/10/2006 British Sausage Week 2006 (General)
25/10/2006 Try Britain's best sausage (General)
19/10/2006 Carrots & beetroot (General)
19/09/2006 Great Taste Awards 2006 (General)
19/09/2006 Lincolnshire Sausages (General)
15/08/2006 The "Good Life" at Sausagelinks (General)
10/07/2006 Ludlow Sausage Company (General)
03/07/2006 Barbecue Sausages (General)
19/06/2006 German Sausage Guide (General)
12/06/2006 Tesco Finest (General)
15/05/2006 Organic Meat Scam (General)
08/05/2006 Nice organic food, shame about the air miles! (General)
22/03/2006 Special offer - home sausage making kit (General)
22/03/2006 2006 Champion of Champions (General)
13/03/2006 Supermarket Sausages (General)
13/03/2006 Jimmy's Farm - 9pm BBC2 Tuesdays (General)
09/02/2006 Design a Sausage Shop (General)
05/02/2006 Midlands Tastiest Sausage Competition (General)
05/02/2006 Mutton Renaissance (General)
26/01/2006 Butler's Banger (General)
17/01/2006 Haggis Hunt 2006 (General)
09/01/2006 Melton Mowbray Pork Pies (General)
22/12/2005 2005 highlights, 2006 forecasts (General)
18/12/2005 Marks & Spencer Hand Linked Lincolnshire (General)
18/12/2005 Goose Fat (General)
01/12/2005 Enter West Midlands Sausage Competition (General)
28/11/2005 Whats in your sausage? (General)
07/11/2005 Newsletter Number 2 (General)
01/11/2005 Sausage mad at M&S (General)
18/10/2005 Great Taste Awards 2005 - Sausages (General)
12/10/2005 Best Bangers and Mash! (General)
06/10/2005 The British Sausage Seminar (General)
28/09/2005 Bonfire Night 2005 (General)
21/09/2005 2005 National Sausage, Pie & Pasty and Burger Competitions (General)
06/09/2005 Fantastic Sausage Factory (General)
21/08/2005 Are you sure it's Organic? (General)
21/08/2005 Sausage Appreciation Week 2005 (General)
09/08/2005 Some food sites.... (General)
09/08/2005 Sausage and bacon evaluation (General)
20/07/2005 Harrods Sausages (General)
06/07/2005 Waitrose Tapas (General)
25/06/2005 Sausagelinks Newsletter (General)
16/06/2005 Chocalate sausages (General)
16/06/2005 Win Jimmy's Farm sausages (General)
14/06/2005 Fathers day treat at the Big Bang Oxford (General)
07/06/2005 Ultimate Sausage Sandwich (General)
01/06/2005 Waitrose Free Range Sausages (New Products)
25/05/2005 River Cottage Pig in a Box (General)
16/05/2005 2005 Scottish Sausage and Haggis Champions (General)
09/05/2005 Britain's Best Banger Competition 2005 (General)
20/04/2005 Competition round up (General)
11/04/2005 School Meals (General)
31/03/2005 Home made sausages (General)
29/03/2005 Hugh's good meat guide (General)
16/03/2005 St Patricks day (General)
08/03/2005 Haute Couture Meets Haute Cuisine (General)
07/03/2005 More Bangers for your bucks (General)
07/03/2005 West Midlands Tastiest Sausages 2005 (General)
25/01/2005 New Pork Quality Mark (General)
09/01/2005 Cajun sausages (General)
05/12/2004 Top Shop Awards 2004 (General)
05/12/2004 Whats in your Xmas fridge? (General)
22/11/2004 Great Yorkshire pork pie, sausage and black pudding competition (General)
17/11/2004 Sausage Spectacular in Thame, Oxon! (General)
13/11/2004 Sausage Producer Best Small Business In The Country (General)
23/10/2004 Sausage & Mash - the book (General)
14/10/2004 Aussie rules at Randalls (General)
11/10/2004 Noel Chadwick - Small Business Champion 2004 (General)
17/09/2004 Musk's of Newmarket takes gold award (General)
14/09/2004 Should I worry about sausages? BBC1 Thursday 16 September (General)
27/08/2004 Crombies of Edinburgh (General)
20/08/2004 In search of Waitrose Pork and Beef (General)
12/08/2004 OFM reviews Lincolnshire sausages (General)
18/07/2004 Save our sausages! (General)
04/07/2004 SuperMeat Awards 2004 (General)
13/06/2004 Vegetarian sausages tested (General)
23/05/2004 Fancy a biodynamic sausage? (General)
15/05/2004 The ultimate service station? (General)
14/05/2004 Lancashire's best bangers (General)
07/05/2004 Watch a sausage competition this Sunday! (General)
19/04/2004 Sausage tzar in the press! (General)
07/04/2004 Safeway prices drop 24% (General)
07/04/2004 Easter 2004 (General)
02/04/2004 Review of supermarket Cumberland sausages (General)
23/03/2004 Pick of the day! (General)
15/03/2004 Take the sausage trail around the Heart of England (General)
09/03/2004 Southern & Eastern Counties Competition (General)
08/03/2004 EC protection for pork pies? (General)
05/03/2004 More supermarket reviews (General)
04/03/2004 Sausagelinks in the press! (General)
03/03/2004 Fairtrade Fortnight (General)
03/03/2004 Attitudes towards food survey (General)
13/02/2004 Consumers misled by labels (General)
11/02/2004 Sausages can damage your wealth! (General)
11/02/2004 Safeway and Morrisons to merge (General)
09/02/2004 Supermarket sausages - have your say! (General)
06/02/2004 2004 Hampshire Sausage Competition (General)
02/02/2004 2004 Champion of Champions Competition - Results (General)
31/01/2004 2004 Champion of Champions Competition (General)
29/01/2004 West Midlands Tastiest Sausage 2004 (General)
28/01/2004 First Reader recipe! (General)
28/01/2004 wysipig on the radio (General)
26/01/2004 Observer Food Monthly reviews low fat sausages (General)
12/01/2004 In search of haggis? (General)
10/12/2003 2003 Scottish Championships (General)
10/12/2003 2003 Organic Food Awards (General)
09/12/2003 Help us find the nations favourite sausage (General)
10/11/2003 Great Yorkshire Pork Pie, Sausage & Black Pudding Competition (General)
10/11/2003 Campaign For Real Food reveals the UK's best sausage & mash pub (General)
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