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Sausage tzar in the press!

Who makes the best sausages? Tell us now by voting for Britain's Best Banger! and you could win the ultimate sausage lover's day trip! Vote now!
Avid readers of food magazines will have seen Sausage links pull of the coup of being mentioned in the May editions of 2 rival national magazines. The site is included in the site test in Delicious and in it' s rival publication Olive. Delicious also contains a good article and recipes on sausages by Rick Stein.

We helped Olive select 5 sausages for it's article on "Best Bangers".

We picked the 90% Meat sausage from the Real Meat Company , Wild Boar & Chianti from Sillfield Farm, Premium Pork , from Waitrose, Taste The Difference Lincolnshire from Sainsburys and Cauldron vegetarian sausages.

In case you're wondering I am the Sausage tzar!. Olive said "Visit David Gardner's website for information on all things sausagey, including a fabulously useful UK directory of producers."

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