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Fancy a biodynamic sausage?

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Forget organic, the ultimate trendy sausages come from the organic movements elder sister - biodynamic farming. Apparently Liz Hurley is very partial to a biodynamc sausage from the trendy Here supermarket in London.

Biodynamic farming takes account not just of the earth and the forces at work in the soil, but of the cosmos. It follows the ancient art of planting and harvesting according to the cycles of the moon.

The Biodynamic movement is celebrating its 80th anniversary this year and has never been so popular. Suppliers of biodynamic sausages include Here Biodynamic supermarket, London SW3 (020 7351 4321), Tablehurst Farm Shop, Forest Row, East Sussex, Stephen Morris Butchers in Loughborough, Leics and whole or half animals from Heritage Prime Meats (


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