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Vegetarian sausages tested

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The Observer Food Monthly has tested meat free sausages (done us a flavor then!).

The pick of a pretty poor bunch was Cauldron Lincolnshire (funny I thought Lincolnshire contained meat!) with 3 stars "the seasoning isn't offensive and with a good onion sauce they might actually pass for reasonable food".

In second place is Sainsburys Glamorgan sausages with 2 stars (the leeks are quite strong but there is cheese and vegetables.....not bad". Waitrose Vegetarian Cumberland scored 1 star "too much'd have to be hungry to eat these".

Linda McCartney's sun dried & herb sausages ("..they look like a dog chew.." and Quorn sausages "..smells like canned dog food and tastes like spam.." received no stars.

The result is clear - if you want a good sausage pay a visit to a butcher!

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