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SuperMeat Awards 2004

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The 2004 SuperMeat Awards took place on 30 June. These are the 'Oscars' for the national and supermarket meat industry. As most of our meat, fish and ready meals are brought from supermarkets these should be pretty important!

There are 5 finalists in each category and one winner selected during blind tastings. Tesco won the sausages category with Finest Pork and Stilton sausages. (All Finest Sausages are on special offer until 27 July - 2 packs for £3.50, a saving of 48p.)

The 4 runners up were: Co-op Smithfield Sausages (which did very well in our review of Premium supermarket sausages). Waitrose Pork, Apricot and Fresh Lovage. Old English Sausage by Muffs of Broomborough (sold in Asda and Sainsbury's in the North West) and Sainsbury's Taste The Difference Pork, Pancetta and Parmesan.

The Muffs of Broomborough entry illustrates a growing trend: Supermarkets are increasingly stocking food from local producers. Sausages from Muffs of Broomborough, Edwards of Conwy and Manor Born can all be found in supermarkets local to the producers.

What is also interesting (and worrying) is that the same companies make products for different supermarkets - as an example the Tesco and Waitrose sausages are both made by Walkers Midshire Foods. Walkers also own Henry Walkers and Dickinson & Morris.

5 Products from 4 different supermarkets made it into the best seafood category but 4 of them are made by the same company - Youngs Bluecrest (Waitrose Cod Fillet with Mediterranean Pepper Sauce was the winner).

Sainsbury's won best pork product with Taste The Difference Pork Rib Roast,best lamb with Butterflied Leg of Lamb with Rosemary Pesto and best ready meal with Lamb Shank in plum Tomato and Red Wine. Best beef was the Winter Warmers Beef & Stout casserole from Waitrose.

Watch out for the Organic Food Awards and the Great Taste Awards. Both of these will be published in September and are the most important food awards for the independent food industry.

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