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Should I worry about sausages? BBC1 Thursday 16 September

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Have you ever wondered what lurks inside the great British sausage? And why you can buy some bangers for less than the price of dog food?

BBC's Richard Hammond uncovers exactly what's inside the nation's favorite dinner and asks what the humble sausage could be doing to our health.

BBC Should I worry about sausages?

This should be compulsory viewing for anyone who buys economy sausages and is worrying for anyone who eats in cafes, schools and hospitals. Highlights included the 2p sausage, catering sausages with "for best results deep fry" on the package and the BBC canteen sausage which contained 52% water. They tested catering sausages and found that the best contained 28% fat - nasty!

See Sausage FAQs for more information. The sausages sold by our Producers are a different animal (probably quite literally) and will be much nicer!

PS - nice link on BBC site!

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