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Whats in your Xmas fridge?

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Britons will cram around £3.9 billion of food in their fridges and freezers to indulge themselves this Christmas, a survey has revealed.

Churchill Home Insurance found that the average household will store up to £175 of food and drink in preparation for family feasting over the holidays.

Old favourites such as turkey (63 per cent), bacon (73 per cent) and Christmas cheese (56 per cent) are still high up on the list of fridge fillers but are also joined by relatively new Christmas tastes such as olives (20 per cent).

Martin Scott, Churchill's Head of Home Insurance, said: "The one time of the year that you do not want to suffer a fridge freezer breakdown is over the Christmas period." (better get some insurance then!!)

"Family feasts or bigger parties can be ruined and it can cost a fortune to replace food and drink purchased for special events."

The top ten items in fridges this Christmas will be bacon; turkey; sausages; sausage rolls; stuffing; gateau/desserts; double cream; vegetables; cheeses, and salad dressings.

Quick rant - instead of filling trolleys with supermarket pap shouldnt we try to buy our Christmas feast from the independents, especially our meat and cheese?

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