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Marks and Spencer update

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Interesting sausage times at Marks and Spencer. As well as launching 2 new premium flavours (Irish Sausages and Pork with Garlic & Bacon) they have reduced the prices of most sausages in the premium range from £2.49 to £1.99.

We tried both, the Irish are meant to be flavoured with ginger but we couldnt taste any, they are a basic, competent banger. The garlic and bacon are much better, strongly flavoured and good for cooking in a casserole or with beans or pasta. Both have high meat content but no information on the source of the meat - therefore assume the worst.

They have also repackaged the Premium sausages into the 'go cook' range where they come with a nifty, disposable grill pan -saving all that washing up! We sampled the Aberdeen Angus with onions and rioja - not a great success with Little onion taste present.

A god idea is meatballs with tomato and chorizo sauce (in the gourmet pub food range). A shame the about the product! The best thing about the taste is the tomato and red pepper sauce, the meatballs are soggy and there is hardly any chorizo or paprika heat - we will try to do better with our version (which will be better than the boring version in the May issue of Olive magazine)!

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