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Home made sausages

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Seems that home made sausages are becoming flavour of the month. This has got to be a good thing. There is a mystique to making sausages (skins, stuffing, plaiting them..) but once you get down to the basics sausage making is pretty easy and fun. Best of all it allows you to make sausages exactly how you like them (after a few trial and errors) and gives you total control over the ingredients. Have a look at Making sausages for more information.

A good example is Italian sausages - the fresh versions made with 100% meat, fennel and a good chili kick. These are pretty hard to buy (The Ginger Pig make a superb selection) but easy to make.

We have a bumper assortment of skins, bungs and flavourings from www.sausagmaking.org and will be trying these and home made flavourings out over the coming months. We also have a large pack of dried blood and will be experimenting with home made black puddings, morcilla etc etc.

In the meantime Matthew Fort of the Guardian has been making sausages.and then cooking them the following week (hope they kept)!

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