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School Meals

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Even the most ardent Jamie basher should have conceded that Mr Oliver has done a great service by highlighting the dire state of our school meals. For more information see his feed me better site.

It cannot be easy to provide good school meals, even if the funds are there. Kids will still tend to go for the rubbish. It amazes and frightens me that my 4 year old foodie twins (current home faves green pasta (pesto), scambled eggs & smoked salmon and chicken stir fry) will automatically lust after burger and chips when offered a school dinner.

Clearly we need more money spent on the food and education for children and parents. Things will get better with more government money and greater awareness, however it may take a generation before the attitudes really change. Having said this if burger and chips is going to be offered, I want it to be a proper, British burger made from real meat (most rubbish beef is imported from Africa or South America) and fresh, chunky oven baked chips - this needs money and attitude

The Soil Association has also been active in the campaign. Naturally they have been promoting the benefits of organic school meals. They have lots of good information including a table showing how much each local Education Authority spends on food per school meal and how much they charge. When looking at the table bear in mind that restaurants look to charge at least TWICE the food cost. The lowest is Rotherham at 37p for a meal which cost £1.50. At least Rotherham had the nerve to give the figures - nearly half of LEAs refused to respond or could not say.

What about sausages? Sausages can be extruded tubes of coloured rusk, fat and mangled animal parts or made with decent cuts of meat. A recent BBC programme . highlighted the perils of the economy sausage and we made our views on economy sausages clear in Health & Legal.

As with most things in life - you get what you pay for - unless it's school meals!

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