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Ultimate Sausage Sandwich

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Ultimate Sausage Sandwich Could be a breakfast sausage, brown sauce and a floury bap, might be a garlicky Toulouse in a crunchy baguette with fried onions, but no, the ultimate is fresh fried chorizo, rocket, soft grilled peppers, a toasted crusty roll and a splash of olive oil.

Go to Borough market , early on a Friday or Saturday morning, find the Brindisa , stall, join the ever present queue (not to late - they sell out) and pay either £2.75 or £3.25. Whilst you are queuing you can watch a team frying fresh chorizo and assembling sausage heaven.

The bread is a crusty roll which has been toasted, the sausages are split down the middle and then fried in copious oil. Each roll is splashed with olive oil, topped with a sausage and lots of fresh rocket, the grilled pepper is optional but always worth an extra 50p.

The result is superb with pepper from rocket and oil mixed with the smoky paprika heat of the sausage, and the juices soaked up by the bread.

You can buy the chorizo sausages they use but somehow it nevers tastes the same at home (not that I my trying!).

If you are still hungry go to the back of the queue or for a change to the falafel stand.

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