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Waitrose Tapas

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Waitrose Tapas Waitrose have introduced a new range of Spanish inspired tapas food.

Most come in a reusable terracotta dish and are designed for a light meal or to be eaten as part of a Spanish tapas. The hot tapas cost £2.99 but are currently on a buy two, save £1 offer.

The range includes Albondigas Al Jerez (meatballs on a tomato sauce), Pinchos Morunos (pork fillet with smoked paprika and grilled peppers), Fabadas Asturian (a stew made with butter beans, ham, chorizo and black pudding) and Patatas a la Rio Jana (cubed potatoes cooked with chili, onion and chorizo).

They are pricey but not bad at all. The pick of the bunch was the Fabada Asturiana which tasted close to our home made recipe and had good chunks of black pudding. Another good one is the Patates which are made with good quality chorizo and have plenty of heat.

The range is large and includes lots of sausages. Empanda Gallaga de Carne (pastry filled with lamb, onion and chorizo) and Habas a la Catalana (stew of broad beans, black and white sausage, gammon and sherry) will be next in the trolley!

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