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Harrods Sausages

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Harrods Sausages Harrods may be home to legions of present hunting tourists and acres of over the top marble and gilt but it is also one of the best food shops in London.

Avoid the halls packed with Harrods themed tea caddies and chocolates and you will find halls selling top quality fresh meat, fish, cheese, wine and all sorts of foodie delights.

It's never cheap but as a one stop destination in the heart of expensive Knightsbridge, Harrods is worth a try.

Sausage lovers are well served. The fresh meat section has two sausage areas, one selling upto a dozen varieties of the own brand sausages. I brought the Supreme Pork Sausages at £8.71 a kilo. These made with 80% high qaulity pork, plenty of pepper, parsley, sage and nutmeg. Not bad with nice chunks of meat but under salted and not enough taste - 6 out of 10.

Another area sells Irish food including the superb Black Bacon (£3.75 for 8 thick, slices of the best bacon you will ever taste) and Irish sausages from O'Doherty's Fine Meats and Puddings (Black and White) from Edward Twomey .

A third counter sells hams, salami and charcuterie. They stock several different chorizo including a hot and a sweet cooking chorizo, Black pudding from Spain and Portugal, Italian cooking sausages, pancetta etc etc. Something worth looking out for is Lardo di Colonnata at £25 per kilo this is a delicacy from Italy. It is thin slices of pig fat (lard) flavoured with herbs, salt and pepper. Is it eaten melted on to a piece of good toast, we used it as a flavouring in home made sausages and to wrap skinless sausages in a toad in the hole.

Another good thing about Harrods is that the rucksack police haver stopped hassling you for carrying a rucksack on your back! Well worth a sausage buying trip!

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