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Sausage and bacon evaluation

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After running this site for 18 months the pot of sausage descriptions and praise is running dry.

We still try to describe sausages in mouth watering detail but thought it was time to introduce a consistent sausage/sausage producer scoring system.

As a top organization we naturally booked a weekend retreat to ponder the new evaluation methodology and also decided that we would also begin to run the "Bacon Milky Sap Test".

Taste Test

Marks will be out of 10, as a minimum producers on this site should be scoring 5 or higher. Marks will be largely based on taste but will also reflect the cost, range, meat quality, traceability, bacon test and affability of the staff.

0 = Walls / Richmond / Economy

1 = Inedible

2 = Very late at night or hungover breakfasts

3 = Supermarket standard sausages

4 = Most supermarket premium

5 = Average local butcher, 65% meat and little or no information on meat origin. Surly staff, buy if passing and hungry, not worth travelling for. Could be one of the (many) mass produced brands trying to muscle (excuse the pun) into the premium sausage market

6 = Good meat let down by poor sausage making, often dry or lacking flavor. The bane of many an organic sausage. Price is an issue, here are many overpriced and over hyped sausages from 'award winning' butchers. (What they forget to tell you is that in many competitions 20 butchers entered, 10 won bronze, 5 silver and 4 gold.)

7 = The real thing, proper prize winners start here. Buy if you see them. Meaty sausages which are as good cold as hot made by craftsmen with gusty flavours and enough fat

8 = Most rare breed sausages start here. At least 75% quality rare breed or free range meat. One to try, good target for an afternoon sausage hunt

9 = Excellent sausage but perhaps too pricey, pretentious or served by surly staff. At least 75% meat. Top quality meat, more likely to be a farm shop or specialist than a butcher. Worth a day trip

10 = Buy every flavour. At least 80% meat The ultimate, roast dinner in a sausage. Fully traceable meat

Bacon Milky Sap Test®

This involves frying a few rashers of bacon to see if it fries or leaks milky liquid. The milky liquid is bad and means that the bacon is rubbish pumped full of water (cheaper than pork) and chemicals.

This is a simple yes or no. Have we just paid upto £8 for 500g of chemically enhanced pap? Any butcher with a yes is either removed or scored at 5 on the taste test!

Happy sausage eating!

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