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Bonfire Night 2005

Who makes the best sausages? Tell us now by voting for Britain's Best Banger! and you could win the ultimate sausage lover's day trip! Vote now!
This year is the 400th anniversary of Bonfire Night in 1605.

Bonfire org has lots of information about the history and customs of bonfire night.

We will be shortly featuring our pick of the best bonfire night recipes - Sticky Sausages, Chorizo & Butter Bean Stew, Mini Toads, Sausages & Potato Pie and to drink Chili Chocolate.

www.sausagemaking are offering a special Bonfire Bash Pack for £20 (including delivery).

This contains the sausage skins and spices you need to make Pork and Apple Sausages, Hickory BBQ Burgers with crunchy Roast Onion Flakes, Treacle Toffee Lollies and a Merry Mulled Wine Spice for the grown ups! The pack also comes with a special edition recipe book with recipes for apple and lincolnshire sausages, hickory burgers, delicious sausage casserole, bonfire parkin, and mulled wine.

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