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National Chip Week

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Quick, eat some chips - the 15th National Chip Week takes place between 13 and 19 February 2006. The lovechips site has some good recipes, facts and chip games but does this mean we should eat chips next week?

Some chip facts:

An average portion of battered cod and chips has fewer calories, at least half the saturated fat and just a tenth of the salt of a cheese and tomato pizza

An average portion of battered cod & chips contains at least a quarter of the fat and a third fewer calories than a serving of either chicken tikka masala & pilau rice, or sweet and sour pork and egg-fried rice

A 100g portion of oven chips contains just 4.2g of fat ? less than a chocolate digestive at 4.3g fat, a small pot of natural yoghurt at 4.5g fat or a jam doughnut at 10.9g fat

A small portion of oven chips contains considerably fewer calories than a small bar of milk chocolate ? 162 calories in the chips compared with 265 calories in the chocolate ? and less than a third of the fat

Thick chips absorb less oil than thin ones, so chunky chips are a lower-fat option

You can get almost a third of your daily vitamin C from a portion of chips. A 100g serving of oven chips contains 12mg of vitamin C ? that?s double the amount of vitamin C in an apple

A 100g serving oven chips contains just 0.1g salt compared with 0.5g in a small packet of roasted peanuts, 0.5g in small bowl of cornflakes, 2.7g in a 200g can baked beans and 3.5g in a 300g can tomato soup

(But at the end of the day eating too many chips will make you fat!)

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