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Mutton Renaissance

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The Mutton Renaissance Club was launched by HRH The Prince of Wales on 2 February.

Mutton is mature (not old and stringy) lamb. It has to be more than 2 years old. As with rare breed meats, mutton has more flavour and taste than mainstream lamb. It has recently been growing in popularity and availability, we have enjoyed several mutton sausages, not least our May 2005 Sausage of the Week from Wickcroft Farm Shop.

Mutton has been long considered to be a tough, cheap meat, only suitable for slow cooking. Whilst there are lots of casseroling and simmering recipes, it can also be quickly cooked the same as good quality beef and served pink.

You wont find Mutton in the supermarkets (yet). So will have to go to butchers and markets. The site lists stockists across the country, most of which are also listed in our Producers section (so buy some sausages as well)!

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