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Supermarket Sausages

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Organic sausages are all the rage down at the farmers market. Some are worthy but dull, others taste brilliant and are good for the conscience (unless you are on a diet or a vegetarian). The supermarkets are naturally keen to sell us any thing they can and are now selling organic sausages.

Tesco (currently on special offer at £1.99 a pack), Sainsburies (£2.49) and Morrisons have own brand versions plus a number sell the Duchy Organics sausages. We will be running a blind tasting of all 4 (plus any others you suggest) next week. In the meantime please send us your Comments, on these and any other supermarket sausages.

Tesco Finest

Whilst we prefer sausages made by a independent producer, we do eat supermarket sausages. The Tesco Finest range is pretty good, made with lots of British pork, natural skins and good flavours such as Pork & Apple (the kids choice) to Smoked Bacon & Garlic (dads choice). Even better, they are on a cheap as chips special offer - only £1.53 for typical pack of 454g.

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