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Nice organic food, shame about the ail miles!

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Many people buy organic food because they are concerned about the environmental damage caused by modern food production.

Unfortunately that good intention is thrown out of the window when the organic food has been air freighted half way round the world.

A recent survey has highlighted where our supermarkets source organic meat. Tesco buys 74% of organic pork and 71% of organic beef from the UK. Asda is 74% beef but only 30% pork, Morrisons is 30% for beef and 55% for pork. Most of the organic beef comes from Argentina.

Organic lamb is the best bet, more than 90% of organic lamb sold in our supermarkets is British.

The Soil Association prepared a interesting report on this area in Spring 2005.

The trend is improving but there is still far too much organic food from outside the UK. Vote with your wallet!

My view - yes to organic, no to imported meat. Check the label and buy British!

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