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Ludlow Sausage Company

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Ludlow Sausage Company A typical British market town has at least three points of interest -estate agents to oggle the local house prices, restaurants/eateries to find sustenance and butchers/food shops.

My long suffering family are now well accustomed to this and even encourage me by making sure that the cool box is packed and filled with ice etc.

Mrs Gardner in fact came up with the idea of filling a squash bottle with liquid and then freezing it, this makes a great ice block which will defrost slowly and can be drunk on the way home. Unfortunately her patience wears thin and she will start to complain after the second or third shop.

So what about a single source which sells all the quality sausages (and other, lesser stuff) from a town or region? Where one fell swoop can give you several flavours and styles from different producers.

As with most brilliant ideas someone has thought of it already. Ludlow is a foodie town par excellence, home of the Ludlow Marches Food Festival every September and home to 5 independent butchers.

In a town like this there is no room for light-weights, all are good and each has a loyal following. Each September they enter sausages into the festivals famous Sausage Trail. 1,600 lucky people visit each butcher to try and rate special sausages created for the festival to pick a Peoples Champion.

The Ludlow Sausage company allow you to pick sausages, bacon and meat from each of the town's butchers. You can have a selection or pick and choose sausages and bacon. We brought a selection of one from each plus a pack of Maynards superb bacon for around 35 including delivery. Our haul was made up of 6 flavours, all excellent butchers sausages made with high meat content, local animals (including rare breed and free range) and good ingredients. Strangely they are all thin - chunky bangers must not be the done thing in the Welsh Marches.

The sausages

A Francis Pork - Sage and Cider Apple Sausage - A traditional mix of local pork and sage with an exciting taste of cider apples.

Orleton Farm Pork - Guinness and Prune Sausage. A rich, innovative sausage.

AH Griffiths - The Shropshire Sizzler. A rich blend of local pork with peaches and Shropshire blue cheese. The 2002 Sausage Trail entry. Winner of the peoples choice award (over 1400 votes cast).

Carters Shropshire Smokies Sausage.

DW Wall - Rare Breed Pork Sausage. Locally bread rare breed pork (Gloucester Old Spot) with leek. Gluten and GM free. 2002 Sausage Trail entry. Winner of the professionals choice award.

There are over 30 to pick from!

All are worth a 7 or 8 on our scoring system.

They only deliver at the start of he month and offer a very efficient service (they called to say that one of my choices was not available and credited my credit card) A great idea, don't tell the wife!

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