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The Porkinson Sausage

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The Porkinson Sausage When Heston Blumenthal set out to make the "Perfect" Bangers & Mash he tried 40 sausages. These ranged from supermarket own brands to sausages made by the 5 independent butchers in Ludlow (sausage heaven).

To cook the sausages he poached them in water (he thought that frying and browning would disguise the true taste) and then tried each one. The winner was described as "full of flavour, dense but not overly so, with a nice rough texture".

Unfortunately for the butchers of Ludlow this was not one of their hand crafted beauties but a Porkinson Sausage. Heston thought it was so perfectly crafted that a checklist might have been used in its production.

We like the Porkinson, it is a good reliable supermarket sausage that has starred in many a Saturday brunch. Unlike Heston we thought it was good but not the best, we gave it 4 stars out of 5 in our Supermarket Test in 2004. In the same test we awarded 5 stars to 3 other sausages.

The Porkinson was invented by the photographer Norman Parkinson (who died in 1990) in 1987. History says that after he moved to the Caribbean he missed a British banger so made his own. the Porkinson then became one of the first decent sausages sold on British supermarkets - for this we owe it thanks. It went on to great fame and was served on Concorde. Nowadays it is made by Kerry Foods with 80% outdoor reared, British free range meat.

You can buy them at Waitrose and Sainsburies for around £2.45 for 6 plump bangers. We do like them but they are a well hyped product from a large producer. You can get better at the majority of the Producers listed on the site. If we scored them on our scoring system they would get a 7.

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