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Kill it, Cook it, Eat it BBC Three

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BBC Three will be showing Kill it, Cook it, Eat it at 10.30pm from 5 to 7 March (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). It will show the reaction of members of the public as they watch the slaughter of animals (beef, lamb & pork on successive nights), the carcass being butchered by master butcher John Mettrick and then as a chef cooks the freshly killed meat for them to taste.

The show is presented by Richard Johnson and was filmed at award winning butcher JW Mettrick in the Derbyshire Peak District. As well as being recently voted the Best Butchers shop in the country, JW Mettrick operates an abattoir in the town so they can control the whole process from farm to shop and minimise stress for the animals.

The programme will also feature visits to the farms, studio discussions and information about meat and production methods. It is claiming to treat the issue of killing animals for food in a respectful and serious way. The animals have been properly treated with no extra stress and supervision from government bodies. Whilst the undoubted "hook" will be the slaughter it is trying to provoke a debate about where our meat comes from and is not meant to be a freak show.

John Mettrick is hoping that the programme will show that the craft butchery trade is open and will educate people - real meat does not come ready wrapped! The eating stage is the real gimmick because you should not cook freshly killed meat. Meat is normally hung in a airy, refrigerated room. Typical hanging times are 5 - 7 days for young pork and lamb to around 21 days for beef. Beef can be hung for longer periods, anything above this is unusual and the meat will be expensive. During prolonged hanging upto one qauarter of the weight will be lost - which is why cheap meat is not hung for long!. Hanging allows the meat to relax, tenderise and for the flavour to develop.

If the programme makes you feel squeamish bear in mind that the life and death of the factory farmed animals found in our supermarkets and ready meals will be far worse (and shorter) than the animals used in this programme. If you care about animal welfare support the people who rear and sell high quality meat in producers.

What do you think about the programme? Let us know on feedback.

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