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Marks & Spencer Pork, Pancetta & Parmesan Sausages

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Marks & Spencer Pork, Pancetta & Parmesan Sausages Regular Sausagelinks readers will know that we are usually disappointed by M&S Sausages. The problem is that they must have lots of foodies thinking of sausage concepts and recipes which look good on the pack but fail to deliver on the taste front.

So when we saw new premium sausage range with new flavours (including this one and a Chicken sausage!) we brought a pack out of curiosity rather than with high hopes. Well, we were wrong, M&S have finally produced a top notch banger. This beauty is made with 77% British, outdoor reared pork shoulder, 4% smoked pancetta (pancetta is an Italian style of bacon), parmesan and caramelised onion.

The are very nice to, worth a credible 7 out of 10 in our scoring system. The taste is meaty with good chunks of meat and a nice undertone from the cheese and onions. The sausages are quite thin to start with and shrink a fair bit during cooking, the cheese and onions ensures they stay moist. Cost is around £3 for a 400g pack (they are currently on special offer with around 50p off).

Supermarket watchers will know that Sainsburys produce the superlative Pork, Pancetta and Parmesan Sausages in the Taste the Difference range. These cost £2.19 for 350g (or two packs for £4). These are also a firm favourite, looks like if you cant beat them, join them!

Better try the Chicken sausages!

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