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Simply Sausages

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Simply Sausages used to be a mecca for London city workers. The shop was run by Sausage expert Martin Heap and they were ranked in our Top 10 Producers. However we noticed a decline in qaulity over the past few years.

The shop is closed in April and they now make range sold via supermarkets (Waitrose and Morrisons with other supermarkets stocking them soon) plus a 'Chefs' range which is sold via Heap to Home They also supply sausages to the Sausages & Mash chain of cafes in London.

The Chefs range has more around 30 varieties representing the British regional sausages, Italian, Toulouse, Merguez and exotics such as Wild Boar with Apples & Calvados and Creole Smoky made with peppers and hickory smoke. They even have a Smoked Salmon Sasuages plus special Christmas flavours such as Pork, Prune & Cognac.

We will feedback on what both ranges are like, in the meantime what do you think? Is this the future for our specialist food shops - a cheap range peddled via supermarkets plus a 'decent' range via mail order?

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